Smyrna Airport

jet-1024x341After the de-activation of the Sewart Airforce Base, the Army Corps of Engineers acted as caretakers of the facility. In 1991, the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority assumed control of the property, and ownership was transferred to Smyrna/Rutherford County Airport Authority. Work began in order to transform this military air base into a modern airport and transportation system.

Smyrna Airport is designated a General Aviation/Reliever Airport, certified by the FAA as a Part 139 Class IV airport. The airport is staffed 24/7 by fire and emergency medical personnel, providing the needed staff for this large and busy airport. With a primary runway of 8,048 feet, capable of landing a large commercial jet, and a secondary runway of 5,546 feet, Smyrna Airport allows for large commercial jets a landing area that is suited for their needs.
Despite the privately held status of Smyrna Airport, military training still exists on the property. Smyrna Airport currently operates as a joint-use facility with the Tennessee Army National Guard. The airport also serves as a military flight training facility as well as a hurricane evacuation point for military bases along the Gulf and East Coasts.